Special care has been taken to the design of aesthetics to ensure that every moment of coming together with your near and dear is memorably pleasant, enjoyable and comfortable. The attention of details is evident in the comfortable ergonomic furniture, fittings, lighting, sound system fittings / fixtures, and everything else.

We have aspired in providing functional spaces. We realize that just the hall in itself is not complete. The location and maintenance of elevators, waiting area, dining areas, washrooms, staircase, reception area to the hall have been well considered to not just look and feel great but ultimately functional.

In times of the mobiles as video-photo cameras and age of selfie there is literally starry lighting available and it is adjustable and adaptable to the theme of the event. Similarly, sound settings and electrical fixtures are all made available keeping the trends of the day in mind. You will be most welcome to explore and consider the best suited seating arrangements from the varied arrangements that are possible.


Weddings - Ceremony & Reception
Birthday & Other Social Celebration
Meetings, Conferences & Seminars
Adaptable / adjustable lighting technology
Choicest seating arrangements
Well planned space for Dining & Hygienic management

Want to host / conduct a memorable event?

We are eager to extend our best service and help you succeed in hosting / conducting a memorable event at Srikakulam. Be it any occasion, A Hotel & Convention Centre is your trusted partner.

We are at:
Postal adress: 1-6-16, Arts College Road, Near RTC Complex, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, India 532 001

Phone: +91 89422 28810

Email: booking@ahotelsklm.com